Privacy Policy

There are several types of hospital policies and procedures but the main ones are as follows:

Administrative Policies

Administration activities are the primary backbone that ensure that a hospital is running smoothly and has everything in place in order to make sure that the staff, patients, and visitors are being handled in the proper manner.

Administrative policies cover a vast area including, but not limited to, visitation rules, dress code policy, acquisition of equipment, bed policy, and various other activities that are needed to be performed in order to help run the administration of the hospital.

Human Resource Management Policies
The primary duty of human resource management department is to ensure that the staff are complying with the rules and regulations of the organization, as well as, being taken care of. Staff members are a vital component of a hospital, therefore, it is essential their well being, as well as, improving their skill sets is the primary focus of the department. In order to ensure that the department is taking care of its staff, as well as, ensuring its staff is following strict procedures, they need to create and maintain a comprehensive list of policies and procedures. Such policies may include, vacation days, personal hygiene maintenance, shift policies, as well as, assigning tasks to each individual.

Providing Care Policies

The basic purpose of a hospital is to provide care to its patients. Therefore, it is no surprise that the most comprehensive set of policies and procedure manual is the one directed to this department. Such policies cover topics from, nutrition guides, patient and family education, abuse and neglect, admission and discharge, patient call back, patient rights and responsibilities, as well as, numerous other topics. The policies differ for each department as well, for instance, the paediatrics ward would have a separate set of policies as opposed to cardiological ward.

Medicine Policies

The pharmacy is one of the bigger departments of a hospital. It is essential that the department follows a strict set of guidelines to ensure there are no mistakes or accidents that may, otherwise, occur. From prescription, to handling drug samples, it is vital that the staff is following strict policies and procedures. Other policies include, handling of drug shipment, outpatient prescription availability, and the likes.